Saturday, 7 June 2014

Da Vinci Code

I have heard a lot about Dan Brown and his unique writing style but before reading Da Vinci Code I never get a chance to read any of his work. I find this book immensely packed with suspense. It's a mind teaser and involve you in this story so much that the reader feel like a part of all the fun.
  The plot is set in Paris one of the beautiful cities in the world. A curator of a museum got murdered and in his last moment he was worried about a secret which could die with him if he didn't act fast. This was the reason he left clues to be found by his granddaughter Sophie, who is also a curator. The prime suspect of police was the man whoose name was written by the victim near his dead body. He was Mr. Langdon who was a professor and his special interest was in old symbols and their meanings. It was clear from the beginning that Langdon didn't kill the curator so I'm not breaking any spoiler here :-) Together Langdon and Sophie set out to find the murderer and the secret that cause all this havoc.  
I found the puzzles quite interesting. The riddles were mind boggling and I was never able to guess any by myself. Although the climax according to my opinion was weak. I know its an over hyped book but, I am an avid mystery reader and what I feel is the point in the story where the real mastermind is revealed was a bit abrubt. And there were some other things in the plot which were rather far fetched. Specially the controversies regarding Christianity was beyond my believe.
I will not recommend this to anyone who cannot handle anything against his religion. I will rate it as 2/5 due to the weak plot and controversial stuff. The puzzles were interesting and I enjoyed the first half of the book after that the interest level start getting down. In the final part you will find that some other people exist that know the secret and the curator was aware of their presence at his death. Then the whole purpose of the story looks dubious. I got confused that why was a dying man work so hard to save something which was not in the danger after all. He should have call an ambulance instead of wasting 20-25 precious minutes of his life which turned into his last minutes.
P.s these are purely my views if you don't agree to me I don't have any hard feelings.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

SAFE HEAVEN by Nicholas Sparks

I have just finished reading this awesome book by Nicholas Sparks and I thought what a wonderful book to start writing a review. Actually Sparks is becoming my all time favorites day by day. The way he writes grips the readers to the last scene of the story. And the story ooh his stories are really something to read. I think there are two types of writers, one who can write a story in a superb way, that means they are good story tellers. The other ones however, use good concepts in their stories but fail to comprehend what they imagine. But few people have the talent that allows them to capture on the paper a perfect story which comprises of an amazing concept told in a way that feed the readers' imagination to its fullest. Among those true authors there is Sparks. I must say Safe heaven is one of those books which you can't put back without finishing. (I finished it in 2 days).
   Let's come to the book. Safe heaven was published in 2010. A movie adaptation of it was released in 2013. I haven't watched the movie because I am not such a movie person.
     The plot revolves round Katie, a woman who works as a waitress in a restaurant. Her character is mysterious as she has recently arrived in a little town named southport. At times she is afraid of something and there are hints that her past was bitter. In the town she met Alex who owns a general store and lives with his 2 kids. Later Katie learns that Alex's wife (Carly) died of cancer. The story progresses as the readers learn about Katie's mysterious past and there is a gradual build up of romance between Alex and Katie. The climax scene was full of action and there was a twist about a character which didn't seem odd at first.(No I'll never ruin your fun by disclosing the story here .)
  The elements of the story were suspense and thriller. I would not rate it as a downright romantic type. Infact there are violent scenes here and there. But those are not over the limit. This is also about trust in a relationship and taking chances.
Over all the concept was good and the portraying of the story made it better. My favorite character was Kristen, Alex's daughter. She was an innocent 4 year old who loved to play dress up with dolls.
  Some of my favorite dialogues from the book are :
"Everbody lies. It's part of living in the society. People lie by omission all the time...and I've learned that the part they neglect to tell you is often the most important part."

"Everyone has a past, but that's just it- it's in the past. You can learn from it but you can't change it."

I will recommend it to anyone who feels like he can do with a romance filled with suspense and emotions.

Monday, 12 May 2014

Hello there :)

 A big shout to all the bloggers out there. If you are one of those people who cannot live without books then you are in the right place. I am one of those Bookaholics that can live without the basic necessities of life but not without a good fat hard back or a thin trim paper back. I was wondering for a good deal of time about starting to write complete reviews of the books I read so here I am starting out today :)

   So let's see how much fun we can have here.